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Why Give?

Your support helps children in need get a life-changing education.

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Mission Driven

We are seeking innovative Pre-K to 8 educators with a passion for preparing urban students for success.

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Beacons of Hope

Our schools provide high-quality Catholic education to low-income children of all faiths.

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Redirect Your Tax Dollars

You or your business can help provide scholarships to IMS schools through the Pennsylvania state tax credit program.

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Thank You

We work with innovative programs to help us build our new model for urban Catholic education.

Meet Our Partners

Transforming Young Lives & Communities

Independence Mission Schools is a non-profit network of 15 independent Catholic schools providing a transformative education to children of all faiths in low-income neighborhoods across the city of Philadelphia. 

Help us help them transform their lives and communities.

Who We Serve

36% of the students live below the poverty level, and 73% live in families making less than $50,000/yr.

Meeting The Need

93% of IMS students are eligible for financial aid.

All For One

Our school communities are incredibly diverse — 80% are non-Catholic, 74% of our students are African-American, 10% are Latino, 13% are Asian & Multiracial, 3% are Caucasian.

Now Trending

Enrollment is up 26% from our starting point in 2012.

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