3rd Annual IMS Academic Challenge

By IMS Staff

On Monday, November 5, 2018, Saint Cyril of Alexandria hosted the 3rd Annual Academic Challenge for the Independence Mission Schools. Nine of our 15 schools were represented and each school sent a team of four students in either 7th or 8th grade to compete in four academic areas – Writing, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science.

This year’s event consisted of working together as teams to complete tasks in each of the academic areas. In the Writing challenge, team members were asked to write an essay that described an event using sights, sounds and smells. The Social Studies task was to identify famous places around the world, state their location and name an important fact about each place. The Math challenge consisted of two real-life challenges using multiple steps to solve and justify their answers. The competition culminated with a Science challenge of building a parachute out of provided material and to drop a paperclip on a target.

This year’s judges constituted of leaders from the various schools that attended the event. Although everyone worked well together and showed teamwork, collaboration and respect for each other’s talents and treasures we did have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Congratulations to everyone who participated and to our winning teams!

1st Place: Saint Frances Cabrini
2nd Place: Saint Veronica
3rd Place: Saint Helena-Incarnation School

Social Studies:
1st Place: Saint Martin of Tours
2nd Place: Saint Cyril of Alexandria
3rd Place: Saint Veronica

1st Place: Saint Cyril of Alexandria
2nd Place: Saint Martin of Tours
3rd Place: Our Mother of Sorrows/Saint Ignatius of Loyola

1st Place: Saint Malachy
2nd Place: Our Mother of Sorrows/Saint Ignatius of Loyola
3rd Place: Saint Martin of Tours

The IMS network is extremely grateful for Sister Barbara Montague, principal of St. Cyril for hosting the event. We are also very appreciative for Mrs. Jeanne Bellwoar, 8th grade teacher, and Miss Terri Power, Assistant Principal for organizing the event. We would also like to recognize all the leaders who judged the competition and gave the teams some great feedback. We already starting to plan next year’s event… Are you up for the challenge?