Fall Newsletter: Welcome to a New School Year!

By IMS Staff

Across our 15 IMS schools, teachers and staff welcomed back nearly 5,000 students on September 4th. Although our school leaders and central office staff are hard at work all year to make sure that our students are prepared for high school and heaven, there is just something about “back-to-school” time that brings a renewed sense of purpose and possibility to all of us.

In August, over 300 of our dedicated teachers and staff came together for 3-days of professional development, beginning with the celebration of Mass – to give us a moment of pause and reflection on the importance of this mission-critical work. We then got down to work preparing to roll-out a new network-wide mathematics curriculum that will give our students the rigorous academic foundation necessary to grow their skills and be ready to excel in high school and beyond. To support our teachers and students, we hired a Director of Mathematics Achievement and a Director of School Support to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Recognizing that our teachers are our most important asset for developing our students academically, spiritually, and morally, we are also making an investment in the area of talent recruitment, by hiring of a new Talent Recruitment Manager. This will ensure that we can attract and retain the best teachers for this mission-driven work, work which has recently been validated by a new study and reported on in the WSJ article titled, The Catholic School Difference, which shows the power of religion to positively influence a child’s behavior.

So, as we journey through another school year together, we want to thank you for being a part of our mission, as we work to build the kingdom of God and to ensure positive outcomes and a bright future for our children – one student at a time.

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