IMS Honors Teachers for Their Outstanding Impact

By IMS Staff

Our teachers touch the hearts and minds of our students and inspire them to be the best they can be for God, for themselves, for their families and for their communities. There are no words that can fully express the gratitude we feel for the outstanding service, love and commitment shown by our dedicated IMS teachers.

To show our honor and appreciation for our great teachers, we created the St. John Neumann Teacher Impact Award – the highest award granted by IMS to a teacher. Teachers are nominated by Principals, teachers, parents and/or students at their schools for their outstanding commitment to education using innovative and best practices in instruction, motivating students to develop a lifelong love of learning and having a positive influence on their colleagues.

Five teachers were recently presented with this award during our summer Professional Development days. As part of this recognition, they will also receive a $1,000 bonus as an acknowledgement of their outstanding impact.

Please join us in congratulating these great educators and applauding their classroom success!

Elaine Carboni – 8th Grade ELA Teacher at St. Gabriel:
The 8th Graders are the leaders and role models for the rest of the students in school. At the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Carboni explains her goals and expectations for her students for the coming year and they understand and respond to those expectations with consistency. It is through Mrs. Carboni’s love of God and her students that they leave her class ready for the demands of high school.

Nearly 70% of Mrs. Carboni’s 8th grade students met their math goals, and collectively achieved 170% of their expected growth as a class – an extra 6 months of learning than what they would have achieved in a typical classroom!

Jane Ries-Jacoby – 1st Grade Teacher at Holy Cross:
Jane’s time at Holy Cross began over twenty years ago when she got engaged in a pew at Holy Cross Church. She later had her wedding reception in the school hall and sent both of her daughters to Holy Cross Catholic School. Jane is unwavering in her commitment to her students and shows her love for them every day. She is always looking to learn and lend support to her fellow teachers at Holy Cross.

Notably, Jane’s students achieved the greatest learning growth in the IMS network in both Math AND Reading last year– with over 90% of students achieving their growth goal in each subject – a truly remarkable accomplishment!

Sarah Riley – Kindergarten Teacher at St. Barnabas:
It seems like everyone would like their child in Ms. Riley’s class! Each year, there are numerous requests from parents to have their child in her class, and she always receives many nominations for the St. John Neumann Award. Last year, on a dress-down day, a little girl came to school in her boots and a pretty dress. Her mother explained that her daughter had begged her to wear the boots and her dress to be “like Ms. Riley.” She told her mother that Ms. Riley always wears dresses and boots, smiles and loves to teach. She explained to her mother that she wanted to be a teacher just like Ms. Riley.

Rhonda Scarbrough – 3rd Grade Teacher at St. Rose of Lima:
The words of her student and a parent say it all: “Ms. Scarbrough makes us happy, excited, serious and motivated. She makes learning fun and she tells us how important education is for us.” “Ms. Scarborough’s love for her students is always present. She is strict, yet loving. She shares her love for God and my son has truly grown academically and spiritually under her guidance. My son always says, ‘I love to learn because my teacher makes me want to be smarter’”.

Gerard Visco – Pre-K Teacher at DePaul Catholic School:
Gerard is an excellent teacher and a loving member of our faculty. His most significant quality is the vision that he has for what early childhood education can be and the humble dedication with which he pursues that vision. He believes deeply in the importance of preparing students both academically and personally for the rigors of elementary school and uses so many creative techniques for doing so.

Gerard has been a member of the Teacher Leader Committee and the Academic Culture of Excellence Committee for many years at DePaul. Through these committees, he has helped lead the effort around high-quality instruction and a positive, value-based school culture. He assists in running professional development and models what it means to have a growth-mindset and a reflective spirit about being an educator.

We are so blessed to have these five teachers as part of our IMS family!