Some Lessons Can’t Be Taught From a Book

By Holy Cross Staff

Justin Hopkins, a singer with the Philly Pops and a proud alumnus of Holy Cross Catholic School, recently visited his old stomping ground, the school that helped him to achieve his big dreams!

Justin attended Holy Cross from Kindergarten through 8th grade. He knew from the time he was very young that he wanted to be a singer, and he became a member of the Philadelphia Boys Choir.  He earned his red blazer in record time and traveled all over the world with the Boys Choir.  Justin graduated Holy Cross in 1998 and went on to St. Joe’s Prep, where he performed in many musicals and plays. From the Prep, he went to Loyola University in New Orleans to continue his study of Music.  Today, he is living his dream as a singer with the Philly Pops!

During Justin’s recent visit to his former school, he dropped into the first-grade class as a special guest reader. The students got much more than a good story; they received an important life lesson. In a follow-up Q&A session, where Justin patiently listened to and answered all of their questions, one child asked if he makes a lot of money as a singer.  Justin told them that you don’t pick a career based on money, but on what fulfills your soul.

All of the souls in the room were filled as Justin soulfully sang to the class – the highlight of his visit.  He told the students he was going to sing a favorite song he had learned as a child that perhaps they knew.  As he began to sing “Jesus Loves Me”, the children began to sing along without being prompted. It was a very special moment!

We are so proud of Justin, who is living proof of the difference that a high-quality, transformative IMS Catholic education can make to a young life, and we thank him for sharing his time and talent with our students.

Watch the video.