Who We Work With

Helping one child is great, but helping 5,000 can change a city. As a network of 15 independent schools, Independence Mission Schools provides a wide-reaching platform for our partners to do the most good. We work collaboratively with a variety of local and national organizations to meet their program goals while providing robust learning opportunities for our students in literacy, STEM education, mentorship, character development and scholarship support. Interested in partnering with the schools in the IMS network? Contact Rosemary Haenn, Director of Community Partnerships.


“CSFP is proud to be a partner and supporter of IMS.  Knowing that the children we serve have access to such a great and affordable network of quality schools is fundamental to our mission. It can only strengthen the outcomes and future for these students, their families and our city.”

Ina Lipman, Executive Director, Children's Scholarship Fund

“We are thrilled to grow our longstanding partnership with IMS. First during the summer — and now all year round — we are excited to continue training teachers to effectively engage parents in their children’s reading. This approach builds lasting internal capacity by developing teachers as instructors, parents as partners, and children as readers.”

Alejandro Gac-Artigas, Founder & CEO, Springboard Collaborative